I am feeling very grateful right now. When I started My Newfangledness I never thought I would have the opportunity to work with one of the most inspiring companies, Spartan.I have done some race promoting for them but now have the great opportunity to help spread the word about their up and coming book being released in May. The book “Spartan Up” has been written by the founder and man behind this amazing company, Joe De Sena.joe-headshot-photocredit_barrie-fisher I have talked to so many people and I am even ashamed to say that running is not my thing, like many others. But I have learned in working with the company and watching my husband run the races, it is much more than being a runner, a body builder or whatever you may think of when hearing the name Spartan Races. Do some of those play a part “Yes”, but it goes much deeper. It is a way to get motivated to change your life to find confidence within and accomplish something you may have never thought possible.
Joe has started a company that gives many, including myself hope and inspiration that anything is possible in life. This book “Spartan Up” is full of motivation on overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
My Newfangledness has been given a direct link that will take you to the page to pre-order your book today.
Spartan has helped me and many others I know and love. Let them help you!

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Brush With Flair!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mont Bleu. All opinions are 100% mine.

In my household four of the five members are girls ( I know poor hubby). One of the most used items in our house are hairbrushes. Many times I have to buy five brushes at a time.  Some of the reasons include, they go missing after a couple of days, the brushes become a possesion so they are often fought over, etc… 

As a mom and a girl, I hate it when the kids take my brush. So I started to try different ways to distinguish who's brush was who's. I was finding it difficult to get a good quality  hair brush that would not fall apart in a month all while trying to be creative in seperating them for the girls and myself. So naturally when I found out about Design Glassware by Mont Bleu and how they can customize these brushes that are made of wood and natural boar bristles, I wanted to look into them and see what it was all about. 

In reading I found that not only are these brushes wood with natural boar hair bristles, you can have them personalized. Each brush is personalized with Swarovski crystal elements, made in Europe by Mont Bleu. I am jumping with joy knowing there is a fun way to seperate the girls brushes and also get the quality at the same time.  Boar Bristle Paddle Hair Brush  Hair Brush with Swarovski crystals   

Follow this link  to the E-shop  to find out more on these awesome brushes, to see the different types and how to personilize them. Use the code "SHB14" at check out to recive a 30% discount off all hair brushes in the E-shop . 

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A Little Update

Long time no post…But life has come to a calm point and I am trying to get caught all back up. On that note, there is going to be two very exciting posts coming to the site within this next week. So stay tuned and check back during the week, so you don’t miss them.

It is good to back on the ball!

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